Collection: The Kiss

When I was young and studying Fine Art at Uni, I came across a photo of a magnificent sculpture by Romanian artist Constantin Brancusi. Carved out of limestone, and called the kiss, it depicts 2 intertwined figures hugging and kissing. 
Years later, when I was living in France, I visited the Montparnasse Cemetery and witnessed one of the several versions of The Kiss. I liked it even more. This version is placed on Tatiana’s Rachewskaïa ‘s tomb, a Russian girl who fell deeply in love and committed suicide at a very young age in 1910. Her lover, a Romanian doctor named Solomon Marbais, was a friend of Brancusi’s and purchased the sculpture directly from the artist to place on Rachewskaïa’s grave.
Why I keep finding it so fascinating? I guess because of the simplicity of the piece, its primitive form and the geometrical approach. How can such a simple piece of art, be able to express a powerful feeling of union and love? Love is all we need, and we sadly tend to forget it easily. So I thought, what a great idea to design my own version of the kiss to remind us daily when we exercise, a pure and powerful emotion of love. I hope you enjoy it!
the kiss activewear art2go

The ArtGo Difference

Our beautiful activewear is handcrafted in Australia with limited edition designs and premium-quality recycled fabric. 

Following extensive research and a lengthy trial-and-error approach over months, we have arrived at what we believe are the most comfortable, supportive, flexible and durable designs and materials for women's activewear. Our unique creations have been carefully handcrafted to give you the comfort and confidence to enjoy every movement.

All of our products use REPREVE® 75% recycled single-use plastic fabric, they’re made of a unique fibre blend chosen for its natural performance-enhancing properties.


✔️ 100% original Monique Baqués design, created exclusively for Art2Go activewear

✔️ Double-layered waist with 8mm elastic designed to stay put

✔️ Sun protection UPF 50+ rating

✔️ Global Recycled Standard and OKEO-TEX 100 certified

✔️ Approximately 15 recycled plastic bottles saved from the ocean per pair of leggings

✔️ Approximately 10 recycled plastic bottles saved from the ocean per sports bra or bike shorts

✔️ Zero-waste production

✔️ Every purchase comes with a FREE scrap fabric bag and matching scrunchie to take your workout gear to the next level!


We are passionate about caring for the environment and people around us, so we use local manufacturers and robust recycled materials. Adhering to the principle of zero waste, we produce small batches and use every inch of fabric we order.

Our products aren’t very well travelled - even the recycled plastic in the fabrics never made it to the beach!

At Art2Go we adhere to the principles ofReduce, Reuse Recycle.The fabrics we use for our products contain 75% REPREVE® Eco-Recycled fibre which is made from the recycling of discarded single-use bottles that would otherwise be destined for landfill.In addition, we aim to minimise waste by reusing all fabric scraps to handcraft 100% unique scrunchies, necklaces and bags. All our products are carefully designed and handcrafted in Brisbane, Australia, by highly qualified artisans using high-grade fabrics.

By making our products in our community, we can support our local economy and ensure everyone involved in creating them is paid fairly. This also means we have excellent control over the quality of our products.

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