About Us

Art2Go is a boutique activewear brand that brings art, fitness and ethical fashion together to make high quality sustainable leggings, sports bras and accessories from recycled single-use plastic.

women drinking mimosas wearing colourful leggings made with sustainable fabrics - Art2Go monique Baques

Our Purpose

We exist to bring the experience of art into everyday life.

Our Vision

A sustainable fashion future where quality, originality and protecting the environment come first.

Our Mission

We combine artistic expression with ethical fashion to create high quality activewear that celebrates individuality and makes life more colourful.  

Our Values

We are passionate about caring for the environment and people around us, so we use local manufacturers and robust recycled materials. Adhering to the principle of zero waste, we produce small batches and use every inch of fabric we order.
Art is a powerful tool for self-expression that helps us connect with others and understand ourselves, so we believe in making garments as unique as the woman who wears them. With our artisanal practices and distinctive designs, we are committed to making entirely unique garments every time. 
We want to enrich our customer’s lives with the playfulness, meaning and joy that art brings to ours. We aim to make life more fun by spreading positivity and celebrating life through the vibrant language of colour and visual storytelling.
We pay relentless attention to detail, meticulously making garments that last to the highest ethical, environmental and technical standards.
Making art accessible
Art can enrich our lives with meaning, open our mind and change our perspective. We believe everyone should be able to experience its wonders.


Monique Baqués - Argentine artist based in Brisbane
Monique Baqués 

Founder, Artist, Designer

Born in Argentina and based in Brisbane, visual artist Monique Baqués uses the language of colour to express deep feelings, represent her world and tell meaningful stories. Working with collage and oil on canvas, her work explores the relationship between colour, shape and space. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Buenos Aires and a postgraduate degree in Arts Management at the University of Chile. Monique has exhibited widely through Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia and her works are owned by collectors around the world. She also represented Argentina at the Art Expo Malaysia 2010. With the idea that her art designs could also be worn, she has created unique handbags, accessories and apparel under her own brand name Art2Go Monique Baqués. 



Miguel Moresco 

Miguel Moresco 

Head of Operations


Delfina Moresco 

Dede Moresco 

Head of Marketing


Cami Moresco / Art2Go Monique Baques

Cami Moresco 

Art2Go Model


marco Moresco / Daschunds

The Three Musketeers

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