Shipping & other FAQ's

Payment, shipping & returns FAQs

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards:  Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc. as well as Paypal, Afterpay, Klarna, Zip, Apple Pay, and even cash upon pickup (available in Brisbane only).


Do you accept returns?

Yes. For any undamaged product, simply return it with its included accessories and packaging along with the original receipt (or gift receipt) within 14 days of the date you receive the product, and we will exchange it or offer a refund based upon the original payment method. The following products are not eligible for return: used, damaged or washed by the customer. 

Full reimbursement for the purchase price will be given within 3 days of receiving the item. Shipping costs are normally at customer's expense, but may be reimbursed as well upon request.


Where do you ship from?

We ship directly from our studio in Brisbane, Australia.


How much does shipping cost? 

Currently, we are offering free shipping within Australia and New Zealand. Deliveries outside Australia vary in price based on the total weight of the parcel as well as the region where it is going to. This is calculated upon checkout.


How much time will it take to get to me?

Within Australia, we provide fully tracked shipping which will take 3-7 business days, including processing time. Shipping to WA or remote areas in any state can take up to 7 business days or longer in exceptional circumstances (eg. when there is a Covid outbreak). Given that we are Australian Made, in order to help keep our pricing competitive, we generally give "Authority to Leave" to our courier providers, should no one be home to receive the parcels. However, we do have insurance for the rare event that a parcel is lost in transit, so a claim can be made through us if this happens, and we can either replace your item or give you a full refund. 

For international shipping, we provide fully tracked shipping with signature upon delivery. Shipping to New Zealand takes 10-20 business days, depending on the remoteness of the address. Shipping to other countries will vary, but will usually be delivered within 20 business days in urban areas, and up to 30 business days in remote areas. If there is no one at home to receive the package, the local logistics provider will either leave a note for the customer to get in back touch and arrange re-delivery or collection, or will directly try the re-delivery the following business day.


Do you deliver to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers?

Yes we do!


Do you use sustainable packaging?

Absolutely! Our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and card, and we pack every order carefully in our Brisbane studio. Expect your order to arrive in a well padded, craft paper bag with a personalised message from us <3 


What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be found here.


What are your terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions can be found here.

Product FAQs

Where is your sizing chart?

Our sizing chart can be found here!


Do the leggings have a gusset?

Yes, Art2Go leggings are gusseted. Our leggings designs include a gusset in the crotch to ensure maximum durability, comfort and camel toe-proof confidence.


Are the leggings squat-proof?

Girl, we got you. All our leggings are made to provide maximum stretch without compromising on butt coverage.


What is the inseam length of the various types of shorts and leggings?

The inseam length, otherwise known as the length between the gusset and the edge of the bottom hems on both legs is as follows for the typical Size M shorts/leggings:

Bike Shorts: 21cm

3/4 Length: 46cm

7/8 Length: 55cm

Full Length: 66cm

Different sizes vary proportionally in length and you may expect slight variations given that all of our products are hand-made.


Are Art2Go leggings suitable for cycling?

Yes, they’re suitable for cycling, running, weightlifting, dancing, pilates, yoga, HiiT, climbing, and much much more. We are proud to use 6-thread Flat-lock stitching that ensures the highest durability for any kind of activity.


Is REPREVE™ recycled plastic fabric breathable?

Yes. REPREVE™ fabric is used by hundreds of sustainable brands around the world for its reliability, durability and quality. Unifi, the maker of REPREVE fabrics, uses a process that embeds ideal activewear properties like moisture wicking, UV protection and breathability into the fibres.


Do the leggings stay up on your waist during movements?

They sure do! We spent a few months trialling different designs and chose one that doesn’t fold down, slip or cut in too tightly, whether you’re doing downward dog or dancing. The design is constructed with double-layered fabric around the waist with an 8mm elastic waistband, specifically engineered to provide both comfort and flexibility.


What do you mean by ‘limited edition’ designs?

Exclusivity is important to us and our customers and we honour that by producing in small batches. This also helps us reduce waste and maintain the highest quality standards in all of our products.


Do you ever restock a limited edition pattern that’s sold out? Does that mean it’s not limited anymore?

We are passionate about providing people with the mind-opening, mood-boosting experience of art when they wear our products. Part of that is investing in vibrant, meaningful, artist-designed patterns and producing in small batches so that each garment is a wearable work of art. The other part is making that experience available and affordable for people, and sustainable for the environment.

With sustainability and accessibility central to our values, our suppliers and production processes operate at small-scale. Every pattern is digitally hand-illustrated by visual artist and founder, Monique Baques, in our Brisbane studio. Every garment is hand-cut and hand-sewn by an independent seamstress in Brisbane. 

We order in the smallest quantities possible with production at this scale.

To balance production costs and sustainability with exclusivity and popular demand for certain patterns, we will occasionally produce a second batch of garments in a particular pattern.

General FAQs 

Fast fashion vs. slow fashion: what’s the difference?

'Fast fashion’ and ‘slow fashion’ refer to approaches to manufacturing and production in the fashion industry, and represent the opposite ends of a spectrum. 

The fast fashion industry prioritises low cost and low prices, so produces lower quality, machine-made garments through mass production which last only a season or two. Fast fashion has had a significant negative impact on the environment through toxic dyes and synthetic fibres, high carbon emissions from manufacturing and maintaining global supply chains, and producing enormous amounts of waste that end up in landfill.

The slow fashion industry, on the other hand, prioritises quality, durability and minimal environmental impact. Slow fashion brands create garments that take time and skill to produce, use high quality, natural or recycled materials, last for years (or even a lifetime), and as such have a higher price point. The effect is lower carbon emissions, less waste in landfill, less plastic in our oceans, and a longer lifecycle for the consciously-created clothing that we love the most.


How many plastic bottles are in each pair of leggings? 

Each pair of Art2Go leggings contains approximately fifteen (15) recycled plastic bottles, and each sports bra contains about ten (10). You can find out more about our recycled single use plastic fabric on our Sustainability Page.

What is a ‘zero waste policy’? 

A zero waste policy is an environmentally-friendly approach to production whereby every waste by-product is used constructively rather than sent to landfill. This requires planning and consideration at every stage of the product lifecycle. For us, this means:

  • Creating designs that can be cut in continuous patterns so more fabric can be used in garments
  • Producing in small batches so all of our stock goes to happy customers
  • Using all scraps of fabric produced during manufacturing in our exclusive upcycled textile accessories
  • Using recycled packaging materials to send orders to their new homes, and
  • Designing, printing, manufacturing and packing locally to eliminate unnecessary mileage, admin or packaging.


What makes Art2Go a sustainable fashion brand?

We’re glad you asked! We are passionate about caring for the environment and people around us, so we pride ourselves on being a sustainable fashion brand. Our sustainable practices include:
  • We use local suppliers and manufacturers that use sustainable practices and guarantee fair pay.
  • We use robust recycled materials that are made to last.
  • We follow a zero waste policy.
  • We cut in continuous patterns so that more of each roll of fabric can be used for leggings and sports bras, maximising every inch and making every item 100% unique.
  • We produce in small batches so that we don’t overstock. This also means we can support the local economy by using independent Australian suppliers and manufacturers. 

Are Art2Go products 100% Australian-made?

Yes. Art2Go products are designed, printed and hand-sewn in Australia. We believe the term is ‘Fair dinkum Aussie’?